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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Skype Chat

[17:17:40] Joseph says: Here comes a good exchange for you:
[17:18:27] Joseph says: Me: "This is really ridiculous. You guys just lie around here like bums and can't even be bothered to put wood on the fire."
[17:18:37] Dan Weese says: har har
[17:18:50] Joseph says: Me: "The wood is neatly stacked right here next to the stove!"
[17:19:06] Joseph says: Me: "And you two can't even be bothered!"
[17:19:35] Joseph says: Gabriel: "Yeah. As long as you're there, why don't you put some wood on the fire?"
[17:20:13] Dan Weese says: terminal laziness
[17:20:23] Joseph says: They are outrageous.

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