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Thursday, June 22, 2006


After many delays I have downloaded, burned and installed a Mandriva Linux distro. I'm running a dual boot (grub) on my main, business, development platform, pay-the-bills machine.

I'm very impressed with Linux. It's a marvel of collective intelligence. And it works as advertised.

I keep setting myself new tasks in my new, part-time OS. I've done a lot in a few hours of fooling around.

So far, however, getting an Apache webserver up and running has eluded me. I have not been able to get a C compiler (gcc) installed and have not been able to upgrade the Java environment.

But I'm working on it. I've started reading the instructions, which will help.

Soon there will be all kinds of new things I won't be able to do.

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Photography said...

I myself have downloaded fedora, but not have installed yet. i am a windows administrator and have got bored of windows, just trying to get hands on Linux and Unix, hope they are easy to use and work with :-)