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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bombycilla garrulus

They were in the garden this morning - a whole flock. Fifty, maybe sixty birds grabbing every berry they could find.

Waxwings. Fantastic creatures. Unafraid. Elegant. Every time I see them I think "abundance".

As I watched them through my office window it occurred to me how much the flock itself is like one, single organism.

The flocks have shown up here at about this time for several years now. They come down out of the far North, following the over-ripe fruit and the late berries South before it all freezes solid and falls to the ground. They've been a bit slow in coming this year because it's been so incredibly mild. We've had only two early morning frosts and the temperature - even at night - has been stuck around 10° C for weeks.

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